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Jesus desires that we love Him with our whole person: with our heart’s desires, our soul’s reliance, our physical strength, and our mental capacity.

It is where our love for Him blossoms and strengthens.

Commitment to Him is not simply spiritual, it is holistic: divine intervention within our humanness.

The victim submits to the control of the pimp again and again, until it is all she knows and the only way she understands how to survive.

The women involved in this ministry harbored horror stories.

Victims of trafficking often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by harrowing experiences that often include violence, forced captivity, control, and fear.

Mental symptoms of PTSD are manifestations of deep emotional wounds that are difficult to heal.

Recently, a large amount of evidence was uncovered revealing that has been facilitating prostitution and child sex trafficking through the promotion of ads posted on its website.

For years, Backpage has absorbed and dissolved accusations of these crimes by various non-profits and congressmen.

Backpage hired an ad agency from the Philippines that specifically searches for advertisements concerning sex.

This website looks for these ads on various websites and offers advertisers the opportunity to re-post on Backpage for free.

The stereotype is that trafficking is mainly a problem in third-world countries, yet many do not consider how American people are involved in and even continue the cycle of trafficking.