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Free chat no credit cards

Some credit cards pay cashback on purchases, effectively earning you a discount.

0% interest per annum for 4 months on purchases from account opening.

This reverts to 18.0% interest per annum after 4 months.

The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to decline any application.

Whether we can offer you credit depends on your circumstances and our lending policy.

Fixed means your interest rate won’t change for a set period of time.

You should always check to see how long your fixed rate lasts.

Instead of entering a PIN, you touch your card against the card reader.

Contactless technology uses the same security as chip and PIN, so you’re protected from fraud.

You can see how much interest you’ve been charged by checking your monthly statements or online banking.

Per annum is a quicker way of saying ‘for each year’.

Lending decisions are based on personal circumstances, so the rates we offer may vary between customers.