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Dating contracts workplace

Earlier this week, after the question here about whether it’s legal for your employer to make you clean up rat poo, Suzanne Lucas — Evil HR Lady — and I talked about how awesome it would be if we put together a book of all the fake employment laws that people think exist but actually don’t.

Almost three-quarters of millennials (71%) “see a workplace romance as having positive effects such as improved performance and morale,” the report adds. “It really varies a lot from one company to another,” Campbell observes.

“In some cultures, half the employees are dating, or married to, the other half and it’s not a problem — at least not yet.” In many other companies, though, office romances are strongly discouraged, or even prohibited.

Companies that require coworkers who are dating to sign “cupid contracts” are not just being nosy.

It’s legal for your company not to let you take home the employee handbook.

It’s a big reason why some companies have a policy of separating the lovebirds, either by moving one of them to a different part of the firm or, if that’s not possible, asking one or the other to resign.

“That’s a best practice, not a legal requirement,” Campbell notes.

Having to sign this agreement (which my boyfriend also signed) seems kind of intrusive, doesn’t it? — Dear Wondering: I’m a little surprised that the HR person didn’t explain this to you, but what the company is doing is trying to prevent a potential sexual harassment lawsuit.