Start Chat room for jacking off

Chat room for jacking off

Cloud wrangling giant Service Now has announced the new stuff that will land in its next release.

Introducing the feature, Service Now’s veep and general manger for ITSM and product operations made the bold claim that users “will never be caught in an audit again.” Which again drew cheers, and a gasp or two.

Service Now’s version of Saa S is a little different: it eschews multi-tenancy in favor of dedicated instances. Current users are encouraged to upgrade and strongly discouraged from falling more than two releases behind.

And those instances can be upgraded at a time of the user’s choosing, rather than other Saa S players’ “and you all have version N 1 … So all the Jakarta stuff won’t immediately reach all users.

But the company has a fine track record with adoption of new bits: the keynote audience was told that just a year after its customer service code debuted, 40 per cent of users had adopted it.

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