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Robert was replaced as chancellor by Becket shortly after Henry II's coronation on 19 December 1154 and before January 1155.

Various reasons have been put forward for why Robert attested at a lower rate than the earlier chancellors, including indifference to his office, deputising the duties to another clerk, or difficulty in following the itinerant court due to age.

It is possible that Robert had a falling out with Stephen in the last months of the king's reign – Stephen died in October 1154.

His last secure attestation as dean is in October 1154.

Robert, along with Hugh de Puiset and some of the cathedral chapter, favoured Hilary, a canon lawyer.

1085–after 1154) was Lord Chancellor of England and Dean of York in the 12th century.

The younger son of a nobleman, Robert was probably a member of the cathedral chapter of York before his selection as chancellor by King Stephen of England in the mid-1140s.

Murdac was consecrated by Eugenius on 7 December 1147, and Robert appears to have supported the new archbishop, or at least not to have actively opposed him.