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Who is james dean dating

Dean's portrayal of Cal, the confused young man on a desperate mission to please his father, was hauntingly convincing.

James Dean will be remembered as a talented actor with an intriguing personality who never had the chance to see what great heights he could rise to in the acting world.

James Dean’s close friend Lew Bracker recalls a haunting moment when the actor turned to him and said, “We ought to get married.” “I made a joke and said ‘To each other?

The true to life portrayal of a teenager delivered by James Dean has drawn empathy from teenage movie goers for decades.

The movie based on Edna Ferber's novel stars Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson.

Famous actress Natalie Wood plays his equally troubled girlfriend.

In this film, James Dean achingly captures the feelings and emotions of a teenager trying to find his place in the world.

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It was there that he met Pier, a gorgeous Italian actress who has shooting another movie on the Warner Bros.

His acting efforts proved successful as he earned an Academy Award nomination for best actor in .

Though he didn't win the award, the recognition is further proof of his acting talents.

James Dean's convincing portrayals of characters plagued with conflicting emotions touched many filmgoers and earned him generations of fans.