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'The Punjabi business community is already seething with anger over GST.

It, in fact, ends up creating more pollution all the year round by burning it to generate electricity.' Environment activist Vikrant Tongad, who has pursued the issue since 2012, said even NASA images showed ample crop burning in Yamunanagar, Ambala, Panchkula, Amritsar and Jalandhar.

Though their efforts are proving to be inadequate, agricultural scientists and bureaucrats in Punjab insist they have made several 'achievements' in controlling crop burning.

They certainly don't want to jeopardise their poll prospects by upsetting farmers too,' he said.

Mann said that in his village, about 1,800 acres covered by paddy straw were consigned to flames.

School Student Pavithra பள்ளி மாணவி பவித்ராஇது கொழும்பில் உள்ள ஒரு பள்ளியில் நடந்த கதை.2 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்னால், நான் பள்ளீயில் படித்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் பொழுதுபவித்ராவை எப்படி ஓத்தேன் என்று சொல்கிறேன். எனக்கு முன் பென்சில் பவித்ரா உக்காருவாள்.நல்ல களையான் முகம்.

இது கற்பனைகதை இல்லை.ஒவ்வொரு வார்த்தையும் உண்மை.என் பெயர் முத்து. ட்வின் டவர் போல் சற்று கூட சாயாத‌கூர்மையான முலைகள்.

Importantly, farmers informed that after residue from the hybrid PR14 variety of rice was burnt over the last two months, now straw from Basmati rice is going to be set ablaze, which accounts for 30 per cent of the total paddy cultivation.

Also, since the weather has cooled down and there is moisture on the crops, there will be more pollution compared to rapid burning of the remnants.

'More than 80 per cent of farmers here don't know what's a happy seeder and government agriculture department scientists only teach us how to use copious amounts of urea and pesticide instead of healthy ways of farming like mixing the straw in the land,' Bageesh added.

Joginder Mann, a farmer in Patiala's Bahawalpur, attributed the lack of action to the reigning Congress government's unwillingness to offend the farming class.

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