Start Dating wood furniture dove staple

Dating wood furniture dove staple

In 1865 with the US Civil War over, the American troops helped the Mexicans banish the French.

The defeat was short lived, the French returned and occupied Mexico from 1864 – 1867.

New commerce laws allow trade with the British and Americans – previously all production was shipped to Spain.

These shiny new objects attracted foreign immigrants to settle in Mazatlan. and forfeited the territories of Texas and California 1830: The Filipino banker, Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado, arrived in Mazatlan and began trading with far-flung places such as The Philippines, Asia, Chile, Peru, Europe, and the US.

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From top left, clockwise: painting woodwork is so dull; the new Camaro floor which is being installed this week by Glenlith Interiors; my fantastic Sun Square window above my kitchen; and finally the new breakfast bar!

1883: 2,500 people died of yellow fever, including the famous opera singer, Angela Peralta.

Mazatlan drank “water from the skies”; with no fresh water and only cisterns, viral infections transmitted by mosquitoes were common.

It was previously known as San Juan Bautista de Mazatlan, which now is Villa Union.