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Jennifer granholm the dating game

Jennifer Granholm appeared on "The Dating Game" in 1978. After Granholm's fiery speech to the Democratic National Convention last week - which some have called her Howard Dean moment - a video has surfaced on You Tube of her on the dating show.

Detroit Free Press about the clip." data-reactid="22""I'm still laughing so hard my stomach still hurts," Granholm told the Detroit Free Press about the clip.

Granholm was acquitted and her peer only reprimanded.

The movement for divestment—which raised tensions between students and the University during the 1980s—was a defining part of Granholm’s experience at Harvard Law School, and helped to shape the advocate and political figure she would become.

In the appearance, Granholm has very big hair and is wearing a puffy-sleeved blouse with gray suspenders.

The British Columbia native was 19 years old at the time and an aspiring actress.

Mulhern—a second year—at Counter M of People Express Airlines in Newark, New Jersey on the way back from spring break.“Dan courted me during an overnight sit-in outside the Harvard president’s office, in between chants of ‘Derek Bok! A POLITICAL CALLINGFrom encampments to sit-ins to blockades, Granholm helped to organize the Law School branch of the University-wide divestment movement.

Granholm, the former Michigan governor, will leave the big-money “super PAC” supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy and take a role with another outside group backing Mrs.

Not that it’s brain surgery to note that if your Governor appeared on a dating show, he/she/it is probably gonna be a piece of crap as a leader (and as a person).