Start Live messenger adult chat

Live messenger adult chat

Have a tête-à-tête session with your favorite user to get to know each other better. Only live and interesting streams from all over the world!

The possible consequences of these activities are a major concern for parents and employers.

Now you will know what they are chatting and with whom.

When you want more control over your child's computer, use Sniper Spy's chat IM filter to block access to Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live Messenger and more.

Are they exposed to too much adult language and content? Now you can find out what they are doing with Sniper Spy's chat messenger logging feature.

Once it is installed onto the computer that you own and want to monitor, it logs all chat messenger conversations and inserts them to your online control panel.

Use the chat messenger filter to deny the monitored computer's access to messenger services.

Send a command that will shut down the computer, or send the user a message that will pop up on their screen, letting them know to stop what they are doing.

That's why so many of them are using Sniper Spy computer monitoring software to see what is going on and prevent bad situations.