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In fact, by looking at how “friendly” everyone was, you'd think that people were here to hook up (Adair was here to hook up), but everyone else seems to operate under some kind of weird B-School Student No-Fy-Zone. It's moments like today when I wake up with good memories, a beautiful wife, and great friends, and celebrate the fact that I don’t go to Proms to hook up anymore. Although it took me 8 years and a lot bigger investment than I thought it would take, Megan finally went to Prom with me, but this time as my wife… cheap vps has become synonym with UCVHOST, anybody and everybody who wants a reliable and affordable domain web hosting visits UCVHOST and gets either windows vps or Linux hosting from UCVHOST.

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I think the shot is fairly self-explanatory so I’ll let you discover it yourself. Eventually one of you will have to accept the reality that you will remain childless and, perhaps even “strangers in the night” (*cue theme song)until retirement... And rather than taking the time and energy to deal with this issue, most students just settle for the occasional hookup from time to time, and hedge their bets, until after they graduate.

Suffice to say most folks didn't even notice him amongst the sculptural up-do's, ridiculously adorned tuxes (including one pink-ruffled number with lapels so wide it puts John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to shame) and, of course, abundance of glittery bling. For all of us married folks, we just go from event to event taking snapshots and making catty comments to one another, while we get fat and lazy lounging in the blissful awareness that we don’t have to worry whether “tonight’s my lucky night” ever again… Back in 1999 I tried to take Megan Crider to her High School Prom… It's nice to see that you are writing from your heart. I trust that you are doing well, sorry to hear about your grandmpa. CMUCVHOST has changed the face of web hosting industry in a major way, people were paying gold for peanuts (and it is still happening).

In fact the event was actually a fund-raiser disguised as a formal, but noone seemed to mind.

The Building Goodness Foundation received over $50,000 from our auction and everyone at Darden got (yet another) great excuse to dress up and party!

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