Start Colmbian women dating

Colmbian women dating

If you are a mean or shy person when it comes to giving compliments, that has to change.

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I’m reluctant to make any sweeping generalisations about the fairer sex in Colombia and put most of it down to the fact that people are very similar in most cultures, but as a foreigner you only peak into certain aspects of the culture and, moreover, tend to attribute aspects of the culture you experience to the culture in general, when it can easily just be one person’s tick.

Certain cultural differences do seem to pop up though, and have been reported on widely on the internet too (check out Medellin Living and Expat Chronicles for examples).

Plus, you have to start dating Colombian girls before you get anywhere, and you won’t know for a while if they’re actually interested”.

Aaron agrees, suggesting that, “the whole thing could come from the politeness of Colombians.

In the States I’ll know straight away if the girl isn’t interested.

Here it’s like they feel bad saying no, so they’re polite up to the point that I think I’m doing well, when in fact it’s just that: they’re being polite.

Though theories abound that Colombians are more jealous, less faithful, more loyal, more giving, warmer, wilder and everything between, the truth is people tend to attribute their own ideas of what Latinas are like to the women here.

I’ve had far more jealous girlfriends back home, as have my friends, and yet when they complain about jealousy somehow it’s always attributed to the girl being Colombian. Anyway, sure there are patterns and cultural differences here, but don’t expect anything radically different.

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