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Who is dating jennifer lawrence

Lawrence was so unexpectedly convincing—“swinging her booty and strutting her stuff,” her mother has said—that family friends told her parents, “We don’t know if we should congratulate you or not, because your kid’s a great prostitute.” Five years later, Lawrence was discovered by a modeling scout and was so eager to embark on her career that she left high school early with a G. Meghan, you have got to stop apologizing—these women are better at arguing than you.

(Lawrence will also reportedly receive 30 percent of the film’s profits after it breaks even.) While Roberts reached this paycheck peak when she was 32 (for , a home-invasion horror movie directed by Darren Aronofsky, which was shot last summer in Montreal.

“She texted me that she got my number from Woody,” Lawrence says. ’ And we’ve been really good friends ever since.” The two of them texted every day for a year after that. So if there is someone who loves the same thing, it should bring us closer.

“I feel like it was our version of —365 texts.” The friendship—between two actresses two years apart in age, presumably in contention for similar roles—transcends the ugly stereotypes of an industry infamous for pitting females against one another. But it depends on how that person is, and Emma is so normal and lovely.” This past October, while supporting Stone at a screening of , Lawrence said, “If I wasn’t her biggest fan, I would’ve Tonya Harding’d her in the kneecaps.”“She may not even know this,” Stone wrote me in an e-mail, “but there was definitely a time early on when I was like OH HEY MY EGO IS GOING NUTS SHE’S SO GREAT AND VIBRANT AND TALENTED I’M SCREWED I’LL NEVER WORK AGAIN GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.’ Then I chilled the fuck out—and remembered we’re completely different and there is room for everyone, even if it’s an industry that doesn’t really seem to support that idea up front.” She went on: “We both really do love each other and care about each other as people, beyond being actors. I appreciate the ask.’ If I do ever get married, I don’t think I will have bridesmaids. ”Not that she would have the time to plan a wedding if it were on her radar.

The co-stars share several love scenes that spark—an on-screen electricity Lawrence says was easily summoned, since her co-star “could have chemistry with a cactus.” Lawrence got along with Pratt’s wife (Anna Faris, star of the CBS sitcom , and forming a “spin-off friendship” with her. We had to have a talk about his good moods at four in the morning, when he was encouraging the crew and I’m like the Grinch. No more dancing.’ ” Pratt laughed when I raised the subject. “I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable! Now she doesn’t need the cloak of character to empower audiences.

“I think women can sense if you are the kind of woman who is going to run off with their husband,” Lawrence explains. “Jen is really tuned in to her emotions,” he told me. Fuck that,” she wrote in an essay for , an e-mail newsletter co-created by Lena Dunham. Although she’s gotten career advice from some of her Oscar-winning predecessors, such as Shirley Mac Laine and Jodie Foster, Lawrence has come of age as an actress in an undeniably new Hollywood frontier—one marked by declining ticket sales, expanding distribution channels, omnipresent paparazzi, and fans literally stalking their idols on the street and via social media in a relentless hunt to feed a never-ending Internet appetite. But if I’m eating dinner and somebody comes up and a flash goes off from someone’s i Phone camera, I am really rude to that person.

The bar of the Plaza Athénée, an elegant Upper East Side hotel, is empty save for an elderly French couple sipping Bordeaux at two P. when in bursts a tall blonde crackling with energy.

It is Jennifer Lawrence, wearing a black cashmere sweater, jeans ripped at the knee, and black boots, her platinum hair chopped into a chic bob.

“Weddings rock, but I will never be a bridesmaid again,” says the four-time survivor. Last Christmas, Lawrence’s mother commissioned a portrait of Pippi from a 14-year-old fan of Lawrence’s in New Zealand.