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Bush was relentlessly mocked for using words incorrectly.

A man casually leaned over to a girl who’d walked across from the opposite carriage and asked, “Have you had lunch?

To avoid sounding sleazy, make a reference to whatever is going on around you.

Better still, ask her opinion on something, whether it’s a nearby picture, the crowd or the band.

It may initially feel fake, but smiling when you’re speaking puts an instant facelift to your voice and tone.

This is especially important when you are speaking over the phone or on a Skype call.

Most people who are known for their clear, professional speaking voice are slow talkers. They let each word sink in and resonate with the listener.

I’m not suggesting that you adopt an Eeyore-level pace but slowing your words down will often instantly make people tune in to what you’re saying.

Heck, if you Um and Ah your way through your speech, your listener may even peg you as shifty and dishonest. Even if it means a few awkward pauses here and there. In fact, it can help your listener sit up and take notice.