Start 2016 updating suppression list

2016 updating suppression list

For an example of a suppression file that includes justifications, see When a model is built, the telemetry framework collects information about Microsoft classes and methods that are referenced by customer and ISV code.

You can now use the Event Handler Result class for scenarios where the delegate (event) logic requires its subscribers (event handlers) to provide at least one response so that no result is lost when there are multiple subscribers and multiple results.

When you suppress a best practice warning within a suppression file in the Ax Ignore Diagnostic List folder of your model, and include a justification, the justification text will appear in the CAR report of your model.

For more information, see the blog post X , the catch.

The personalization administrator can now apply or remove form personalizations for groups of users.

This introduced some problems that could ultimately lead to data consistency problems if the try catch was used when a transaction is running.

Now, the two exceptions mentioned, which are special because they do not roll back a running transaction, are no longer caught in the catch all.

When creating a suppression, you specify the following: table.

The different lists (notification_plans, entities, checks, and alarms) represent the different levels at which suppressions can be defined.

There is some wiggle room allocated to account for the time it takes to receive and process a request, meaning that if the start_time is less than 60 seconds in the past, it will be considered to be now instead of causing a validation error.

If you want the suppression to begin immediately, set the start_time to 0. You can complete partial updates for a suppression.

As with any system, there’s learning curves and pleasant surprises.