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The comix are different, so we could assume that the separation between the 1st and 2nd movie was much larger than the seperation between teh 1st and 2nd comic8484It's all good.

I'm still new to the whole Tumblr thing—but I enjoy the site very much—so I'm going to use it for photosets, videos and other sorts of stuff.

Hate is death and love is life, and I want to live loving, not die hating".(Said by a Lebanese moderate religious leader and politician days before he was assassinated in the civil war)8416well, the HG series of comix are supposed to be in b/w KA1 & 2.

Marcus forbids her from being HG and for a while, she obeys his orders.

"Miles and Jo" is an enticing and hard to put down read that shouldn't be missed.