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Who is lucinda bassett dating

Jim makes the man come up through the same door the other two came through, and the man sets the trailer on fire.

Jim kills the two men, and another man opens fire from under the trailer.

Jim goes to Westlake’s office, and finds Banks and his crew there, beating Westlake up.

Banks believes that Lawson is in Montana, and is planning to cross into Canada by foot.

In Montana the next day, Kim says she’s going to her friend Megan’s house to help Megan pack for a trip.

Later, Jim gets a call from Sheriff Westlake (Donnelly Rhodes), who says he has Kim in his office for shoplifting.

Next, Jim tracks the others down and confronts Jensen, who is a martial arts expert.

Jim ends the grueling fight by fatally stabbing Jensen with a broken tree branch.

In Reno, Nevada, a man named Lawson (Michael Hogan) and his crew of thieves have just robbed the Hotel Palacio casino.