Start Astring o sol dating marathon

Astring o sol dating marathon

Sri Chinmoy, in his traditional style, meditated with the athletes and assembled helpers just before the start at am on a crisp, fall morning.

Marcy Schwam left no doubt of her fitness level by ripping through the 50 mile split in , a new world female track best, reducing the previous best by mere seconds ( by Judy Ikenbery in 1977).

(Photo above: the 6 runners at the start of the first 24-Hour Race sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. Third from right Sri Chinmoy.) The athletes were informed of the opportunity, and five stalwarts promised participation.

We looked to add one more male participant just to even the ranks of gender.

It was perhaps a twist of fate that this event became reality.

A 24-hour race to be held on the East coast of the US was cancelled.

Marcy rested and grabbed some downtime in a tent while helpers massaged tired, cramping legs.

With the primary inspiration-engine off the track, the other runners’ efforts became less constant. Young, inexperienced Yasu Shimizu had jogged past his first marathon in , and somehow reached 100 km in .

Some local runners of whom the Marathon Team had befriended were sad that had happened.