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Is joe jones dating

Their last hours are ruined when Amy discovers Frank's mistake, and once again they are spit out into more awaiting matches. "Then it becomes a struggle because it all becomes meaningless.

I really haven’t seen anything like ' Hang the DJ' yet." As the dates continue, time passes but Amy and Frank don't seem to age.

Everyone around them, Amy begins to realize, seems to be in on the end game.

"I loved the way the story was written because it was the perfect picture of that first date," Campbell, who plays hopeful single Amy, tells )." When viewers first meet Amy (Campbell), she is, in fact, on an awkward first date with her first "match" Frank (Cole).

Though it seems that an app has paired them together, it gradually becomes clear that Amy and Frank live in some sort of world that is governed by this dating system.

The real-life match at the end of the episode elicits large awaiting (knowing?

) smiles from both real versions of Amy and Frank — a happy ending, simulations aside — and the "Hang the DJ" chorus of The Smiths’ rebellious 1986 song “Panic” blares as the end credits role. Then when I finally saw the edit, they really smashed it.

Campbell says of the portrayal, "She is no longer allowing this system to keep controlling her.

You shouldn’t be relying on a system to tell you how you feel — we have human instincts; you know how you feel and that’s what you should follow." Where her heart leads her, however, is into obscurity, as once Amy figures it out, she and Frank and their world disappear.

"I was so happy when I read Amy because she’s such an interesting character; she’s fun and goofy they wrote her really well.

When you get that, you want to just run with it." Amy is one of six female protagonists to emerge from the new female-led season, a casting choice that Jones said wasn't even intentional.

"That means you’re perhaps not taking the time to get to know people properly or have a proper lasting relationship.