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He's wearing a suit with the top button done up too tight. It's comforting, and it's so easy to get caught up in what he tells us. He doesn't want us attempting anything that could end in failure.

Several dating coaches speak passionately about the need to silence it.

Sasha Daygame, founder of the Direct Dating Summit, dedicates a sizable portion of his seduction bootcamps to this. It remembers all the occasions you successfully hit on someone.

Imagine how fun your life would be if you lost this fear.

Imagine how many more women you'd introduce yourself to.

That's where all these stupid excuses not to approach emerge from.“She looks busy.""I'm not wearing my best clothes.""She probably has a boyfriend."We've all been through these bullsh*t thoughts.

But, Sasha's students have already ran around the city center screaming.

He'll tell you anything that stops himself from getting bruised.

The ego is the main factor behind your failures with the opposite sex.

This is how I'm killing my ego: My goal is to reach true apathy about what other people think. Ego gets bruised a few more times, but he'll thank me for it in the end.

This will allow me to meet the woman of my dreams, write controversial content and attempt many new experiences, even if society thinks they're silly.

Currie also has a men’s dating advice column that is featured on The